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Uyen Nguyen BA, BScPT

Clinic Director, Physiotherapist

Uyen comes from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science of Physical Therapy degree. She started her career in the field of orthopedics with a primary focus on the athletic population. From weekend warriors to professional athletes, she worked with people who had an intense desire to optimize their health and maximize performance.

As her practice shifted to clients with more diverse and complex health issues, she completed her certification in medical acupuncture, sports medicine acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture along with an advanced post graduate acupuncture program in Beijing, China.


Understanding the complexity of functional movement, she is able to bring a detailed and analytical perspective to her treatment. Working within the Elevate team Uyen is able to restore clients to proper movement and a quick return to activity.

Tracey Reed B.Ed., C.H.N.C. 

Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Tracey was born and raised in Calgary, but has lived in Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, London, and Moscow, so all those places have shaped who she is.

She received her B.Ed. at U of A and taught a variety of things before going back to school at age 44 to study nutrition. She has been in this field since 2014 and specializes in the health of the gut microbiome and fixing leaky gut. Gut health has significant relevance to neurological health and autoimmune conditions, so she works a lot with those conditions, as well as the obvious gut problems. She also specializes in Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

Tracey chose to be part of the Synaptic/Elevate Team because of her interest in neurological health. Her youngest son is from China and was extremely malnourished as an infant, so his brain did not develop properly. She was able to profoundly change his brain function using a dietary approach. That experience had a large role in shaping her clinical practice. It is important to Tracey to have colleagues to refer to and collaborate with, so her clients can achieve the best possible outcomes – Synaptic/Elevate gives her that team to collaborate with.

Her favorite part of being on the Team is working on complex cases. It’s pretty amazing to be one part of the complex puzzle that makes up optimal health.

Tracey wants her clients to feel better. Whatever that means for them – better brain function, better digestive health, better pain management… Her goal to help someone learn how to eat to reach their goals. That can look very different from person to person so that customization is what Tracey aims to contribute to someone’s journey.

If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?

It is probably not surprising that as a Nutritional Consultant Tracey does not eat the kinds of ice cream most people eat. So, her favorite flavour is one that she makes herself, and it changes frequently – because there are so many amazing flavours. She has a Sweet Potato Ice Cream Bar in her cookbook that she loves. She is working on a Salted Hazelnut recipe right now because she loves hazelnut ice cream.

Matt Bonk BHPE, MScPT

Physiotherapist Intern

Matt believes that home exists in a strong community. He has spent most of his time in Calgary but has also lived in Edmonton & Belize. Matt studied Health & Physical Education at Mount Royal University before completing his Physical Therapy training at the University of Alberta.

Throughout his studies Matt enjoyed spending time volunteering in grade school classrooms, coaching local sports teams, running drop-in exercise programs, & leading multi-day outdoor expeditions. As a new physiotherapist, Matt hopes to continue giving back to the community. Matt also hopes to get involved & develop new community programs with a physiotherapy focus.

Matt supports individuals with muscle or joint pain/injury anywhere in the body. He is also interested in supporting individuals who are managing arthritis, osteoporosis, concussion, & persistent pain. He approaches his practice with a focus on education, advocation, movement therapies, & hands-on techniques.

Matt chose to join the Elevate team because they aim to support the community using multiple healthcare disciplines. Having several healthcare professionals under one roof ensures that individuals who call Elevate home receive the best possible support unique to them.

Matt strives to play the part of a good teammate. He understands that successful rehabilitation requires collaboration between the individual & their healthcare team. He looks forward to discovering how he can support the unique needs of each person that he works with.

If Matt were an ice cream flavour, he would have to be French Vanilla. A simple spin on a dependable classic that pairs well with everything. While always looking for opportunities to adjust & learn, he never strays too far away from what makes Matt, Matt.

Nora LindmanRMT, CST-D

Registered Massage Therapist

Originally from southern Ontario, Nora traded lakes for mountains and moved to Calgary in 2012.  She graduated from Mount Royal College with a diploma in massage therapy in 2015.  She has a certification in craniosacral therapy and has training in lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation, brain work, total body balancing, myofascial release and deep tissue massage.  With over 5 years of working experience, Nora believes that massage therapy is both an art and a science.

As soon as she heard of Synaptic/Elevate, Nora felt like it was the right place for her.  She knew she could add her unique perspective to a team that is encouraged to think differently. Nora loves working with integrated professionals that learn from each other and are driven to help our community.

Nora lives in awe of how connected the body is, and aspires to share this with her clients.  She shows this connection with massage therapy.  For her, it is the best job in the world. 

If she were an ice cream flavour, Nora would be Cardamom.  It’s earthy, harkens to an ancient time, and has a quirky, modern twist. 

Kristy Thackeray BSW, MSW, RSW

Mental Wellness Consultant

Kristy grew up on an acreage just outside of Medicine Hat, AB. She moved to Chestermere, AB, in 2001 and worked as an administrative assistant with a children’s mental health program. While working part-time, she completed her Bachelor of Social Work online with the University of Victoria and graduated in 2015. She pursued further education, obtaining her Master of Social Work with a clinical specialization with the University of Calgary in 2019. Kristy pursued her gerontology passion for a not-for-profit company that provided housing for seniors in Calgary and the area. For the last four years, Kristy has been working part-time within long-term care.

Kristy’s areas of interest include assisting individuals who have been impacted by an injury or illness, grief, and anxiety.

Kristy joined the Synaptic/Elevate team in 2021. Her favourite part of being part of the team is the work we are doing together with the people we serve. Kristy aspires to let the people she works with know that you are not alone in your journey. Sometimes we need someone to be there, to allow a safe space to share our story.

If I were ice cream, what flavour would I be?

If Kristy were ice cream, she would be Neapolitan. This ice cream is an appropriate mix of different flavours together, just like my personality. She can be introverted and extraverted, optimistic and sometimes pessimistic. She is flexible in her thinking style; doesn’t hold on too tightly to specific thoughts or ideas. She can be brave sometimes and other times a bit more careful. She is fair and reliable.

Joyce Chan R.SLP, SLP (C) Provisional

Speech-Language Pathologist

Joyce was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta! She started her career in business, earning a Bachelor of Commerce and working in the corporate world for a few years before pivoting her career into healthcare. Joyce has a Master’s of Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Alberta. Joyce has contributed to the healthcare and education fields for the past three years, working with pediatric and adult populations. 

Joyce is passionate about speech sound disorders in both the pediatric and adult populations. She also loves working with Parkinson’s clients on speech and voice. 

Joyce chose to join the Synaptic/ Elevate team as she loves the supportive community it offers -and she wanted to be a part of it! 

Her favourite part of being part of the team is learning from other disciplines – Joyce hopes to build up her client’s confidence to communicate, connect and participate in activities they enjoy. 

If Joyce were an ice cream flavour, she would be mint chocolate chip. Mint and chocolate are flavours that are so different, but they work together to elevate the overall flavour profile! Like mint chocolate chip, she brings a diverse set of skills that elevates her work as a clinician. 

Catharine Eckersley M.O.T., M.A., B.A. 

Occupational Therapist

Born in England but calling Canada home since 2004, Catharine has experienced her fair share of significant life transitions. From moving provinces and cities for family and education and having both professional and personal experience with the Canadian healthcare system, Catharine is no stranger to significant life changes and creative problem-solving. Catharine obtained her Honors Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, her Master of Arts in Physical Education & Recreation from the University of Alberta, and her Master of Occupational Therapy from the University of British Columbia. She continues to be a life-long learner, frequently taking courses in mental health, concussion, brain injury, and adaptive equipment. Catharine specializes in seating and mobility (wheelchairs), accessibility (home renovations, adaptive equipment), cognition (memory, attention, higher-level thinking), and mental health (adjusting to a significant life event like an injury/illness). 

Catharine joined the Synaptic/Elevate team after referring a client to the team and experiencing the innovative and committed therapy Synaptic provides. With her passion for neurology, mobility, and mental health, Synaptic was a perfect fit! Catharine’s favourite part of being on the team is the energy and collaboration between all the practitioners to help clients achieve their goals, and checking the ‘Wall of Progress’ for client updates. Catharine aspires to facilitate a smooth and client-led progression through a client’s healthcare journey, whatever that may look like, providing support and resources but ultimately letting clients forge their paths and be their advocates for their needs.

If Catharine were an ice-cream flavour, she would be sea salt caramel, as she considers herself a mix of sociable and sweet (like caramel), strong and tough (like the texture of salt), with a dry-sarcastic (salty) British sense of humour!

Lauren Macartney BSc, MScOT

Occupational Therapist

Lauren is originally from Ontario but grew up in Calgary, where she earned her BSc in Health Sciences. She eventually traveled back to Ontario to earn her MSc in Occupational Therapy from Queen’s University. After entering the field in Summer 2020, she has learned a lot in her first year of practice and looks forward to a fulfilling career of continuous growth. Lauren’s experience is focused on inpatient/community mental health as well as outpatient physical rehab – giving her a holistic perspective on the physical and mental components of rehabilitation.

Lauren loves being part of the Synaptic/Elevate team because of the overwhelming support provided to staff and clients alike. She is proud to contribute to the Synaptic/Elevate wrap-around, a holistic team that has the collective power to turn client goals into reality! Lauren aspires to enable clients to feel useful and fulfilled by everyday tasks – or occupations – which can not only enhance physical & mental health but also the overall quality of life!

If Lauren were an ice cream, she would be vanilla. No, not because she is boring…but because she is reliable, genuine and you will never get sick of her!

Bailey Campbell BA, BSc, MScPT 

Intern Physiotherapist

Bailey grew up on a farm near Vulcan, AB. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Lethbridge, where she played Rugby for five years. Following this, she headed overseas to complete her master’s degree. Living in Aberdeen, Scotland, for two years she completed her master’s at Robert Gordon University. As they say, she was living the Aberdream!

Bailey has been working in the neurological field since finishing her master’s. She first worked for the Escalated Stroke Discharge in Lethbridge before moving to Calgary and starting here at Synaptic, which she describes as her dream job!

Bailey chose to be a part of the Synaptic team first due to her interest in neurological rehabilitation. When Bailey started her master’s, she always thought she would be a sports physiotherapist. However, following her placement in Scotland at the National Spinal Cord Injury unit, she knew she was interested in Neurological Rehabilitation. Bailey enjoys working here at Synaptic due to the clients and the team. Her favourite part of being on the team is working with clients and staff who are invested, and both put in immense effort to achieving goals. The true meaning of team!

Bailey aspires to guide clients towards their goals. She ultimately believes it is the client’s effort that achieves their goal but wants to assist wherever she can.

If Bailey was an ice cream flavour, she would be Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookie Dough Core! She is imaginative, enthusiastic, driven, and brings fun into reality. She goes through every day with the warmth of a cookie while viewing rehabilitation as full of possibilities, as many possibilities as Peanut Butter No-Bake cookie dough core!

Erik Hogan BSc Kin


Originally from Calgary, Erik received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and certifications in movement assessment (FMS) and nutrition coaching (PN). He has been involved in coaching fitness and athletics for over ten years. 

Erik chose to work with the Synaptic/Elevate team to further his knowledge base as a Kinesiologist and apply his background to a rehabilitation environment. Erik’s favourite part about being on the team is the supportive environment created by everyone involved. It is a great staff and community.

Erik aspires to enhance clients’ experience by providing exceptional program planning, leading to long-term improvements, and building sincere relationships to help clients stay motivated to work towards their goals.

If Erik were ice cream, he would be Neapolitan because he’s layered and complex and strives to be well-rounded.

Eric Daigle BKin


Eric was born and raised in Calgary. He attended university in Kelowna, UBCO, where he completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology, in which he graduated in 2019. After that, he started personal training and online coaching, which gave him a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable client management skills. He chose to be a part of the Synaptic/Elevate team. He genuinely believes an interdisciplinary mindset is the best approach to treat and resolve the root cause of injuries in the most efficient way. More so, he wanted to work with truly committed and motivated clients. Eric admires his work environment as the camaraderie and the passion for helping others lie within each team member. He aspires to increase client’s quality of life and help them regain function for them to engage in hobbies that positively contribute to their well-being.

If Eric were ice cream, he would be a scoop of cookie dough. He is resourceful, crafty, and one who will make the best of any situation.

Kimberly Hughes M.Kin, CESP-CEP


Kimberly grew up in Lloydminster, Alberta, where she played hockey since the age of six. Her love and dedication for the game led her to Upstate New York in 2015, where she played on an NCAA Division III Women’s hockey team while studying for her Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Performance and Health Promotion. She continued her education in Fall 2019 at the University of Calgary where she completed her Master of Kinesiology (MKin) degree and received her Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) certification from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

Being young in the field of exercise science, Kimberly is eager to grow as a practitioner. Over the past 6 years, she has taken on roles such as a strength and conditioning coach with Bold Athlete, a pediatric kinesiologist with Alberta’s Children Hospital, and a clinical exercise physiologist instructor for the Fitness and Rehabilitation classes at the University of Calgary. Her experience with both athletic and clinical populations has shaped her current coaching philosophy and techniques.

Kimberly chose to work with Synaptic/Elevate to continue to grow her knowledge by being challenged to provide exceptional exercise programs tailored to the client. Her favourite part of the team is the community-based practice that allows her to learn from coworkers and clients while sharing her knowledge with them. She looks forward to making exercise part of the standard of care for all with the mindset that exercise is medicine!

Kimberly aspires to contribute key takeaway points from her sessions to support clients in becoming confident and comfortable doing exercise, no matter their starting place and/or condition.

If Kimberly were an ice cream flavour, she would be vanilla. She may not be the most spontaneous flavour on the shelf, but she appreciates minimalism and good-quality foundations. She always will be there when needed and brings out the best in others. I mean, who doesn’t like vanilla ice cream-based sundae or paired with apple crisp?

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